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    Is Marrakech safe for female tourists?

    TRAVEL TO MARRAKECH WITH GIRLS IS SAFE Firstly, I went to Marrakech (Morocco) in May with my girlfriends for 4 days and I confess I was a bit afraid before the trip, cause I’ve heard that it’s not safe to travel only girls there but I got a bit surprised when I got there. Most importantly, I can now say that is totally safe! However, we were always together. To help other female travellers enjoy Marrakech and stay safe, I’ve put together all of my tips, from 4 days travelling with girls in Marrakech.

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    UMAS FÉRIAS A RECORDAR / INCREDIBLE VACATIONS Para quem me segue no Instagram e no Youtube sabe que em Setembro de 2017 fui passar umas férias a Córsega, pois o casamento do meu irmão foi lá. Foi um casamento com poucos convidados, só família e amigos mais chegados o que tornou esta viagem possível. Quem não gostava de um casamento assim diferente do habitual? Digam nos comentários. 🙂 //For those who follow me on Instagram and Youtube know that in September 2017 I went to Corsica, because my brother’s wedding was there. It was a wedding with a few guests, just family and close friends. Who woudn´t like a weeding in…

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