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    Is Santorini worth it?

    You may ask if Santorini is Worth it?! Well, everything isn’t like the pictures that we see on Instagram!! Of course you have the beautiful white houses and the amazing sunset but is it worth it?  It’s not only that… Here is some things you should know about Santorini:

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    Is Marrakech safe for female tourists?

    TRAVEL TO MARRAKECH WITH GIRLS IS SAFE Firstly, I went to Marrakech (Morocco) in May with my girlfriends for 4 days and I confess I was a bit afraid before the trip, cause I’ve heard that it’s not safe to travel only girls there but I got a bit surprised when I got there. Most importantly, I can now say that is totally safe! However, we were always together. To help other female travellers enjoy Marrakech and stay safe, I’ve put together all of my tips, from 4 days travelling with girls in Marrakech.

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    UMAS FÉRIAS A RECORDAR / INCREDIBLE VACATIONS Para quem me segue no Instagram e no Youtube sabe que em Setembro de 2017 fui passar umas férias a Córsega, pois o casamento do meu irmão foi lá. Foi um casamento com poucos convidados, só família e amigos mais chegados o que tornou esta viagem possível. Quem não gostava de um casamento assim diferente do habitual? Digam nos comentários. 🙂 //For those who follow me on Instagram and Youtube know that in September 2017 I went to Corsica, because my brother’s wedding was there. It was a wedding with a few guests, just family and close friends. Who woudn´t like a weeding in…

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