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Is Santorini worth it?

You may ask if Santorini is Worth it?!

Well, everything isn’t like the pictures that we see on Instagram!!

Of course you have the beautiful white houses and the amazing sunset but is it worth it?  It’s not only that…

Is Santorini worth a visit? Is Santorini worth a visit?

Here is some things you should know about Santorini:

Firstly, when we landed on the Island we got a bit chocked, that is to say, everything wasn’t so beautiful as we thought…

For instance, our first reaction was like “were is the white houses?”, “Why is the mountain soo brown and empty?!”

After that, we took a taxi up to the mountain to our hotel, cause it’s not possible to walk (it’s a mountain).

Is Santorini worth a visit?

Is Santorini worth a visit?

Is Santorini worth a visit?The view of our hotel in Fira.

We stayed 2 nights in Fira and 1 night in Oia, which are the two main tourist towns and the ones you need to visit when you go to Santorini!

This two towns are crowded! However, we went in August (high season), which I don’t recommend cause it’s too many people.

You have a bus every hour that takes all the tourist to OIA.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t come to Santorini with high heels! You will need to walk a lot, it’s many stairs and ups and downs.

When we went to Fira and wanted to take some pictures we got a bit disappointed due to the fact that the beautiful pictures spots are all private areas. To clarify, you can’t go there!

Is Santorini worth a visit? Picture taken in FIRA (private area)
Picture taken in FIRA

Picture taken in FIRA - Chromata (private area)

Something that is worth it IS THE SUNSET!! 

Specially in Fira, you have a lot of restaurants there with an amazing hearth breathing view better than in Oia.

RECOMMENDATION: Make sure to book a table at one restaurant hours before the sunset, otherwise you will not get a table with a good view of the sunset!


Pictures taken in FIRA

On the other hand, Oia has some spots where you can take amazing picture as you see on Instagram but here you only get a view of the sunset in one place (ask the waiters from the restaurants where it is or the staff of the hotels). Most importantly, make sure to be there one hour before the sunset cause it’s crowded with a lot of people (at least in August)!


Pictures taken in OIA

Likewise Fira, The sunrise is amazing too and you should wake up early to see it!! We woke up around 6am just to see the sunrise!

The prices in Santorini are good! I thought that the restaurants would be really expensive but they have good prices.

A meal for 2 people – around 36 eur

Cocktails – 6-8 eur

A bottle water 1L – 1 eur

We found a really cheap restaurant called “WHY NOT?” in FIRA, here you can eat PITA GYROS for 2,80 eur!! 😀

Is it safe in Santorini?

The answer is YES! Santorini is super safe in general, everybody goes with cameras in their hands.

Picture of Oia by night.

We stayed one night in OIA, therefore we wanted to experience the luxury of an night with a romantic view. 

Pictures taken in the hotel: Residence Suites in OIA

In conclusion, here comes more pictures that we took in Oia, cause Oia has the best spots for “INSTA pictures”:

Have you ever been in Santorini? Leave a comment with your thoughts…

Lots of Love,


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