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After moving to the new apartment, I started to decorate my walk in closet.

As you can see in the picture below I´m waiting for my beige sofa to come, meanwhile I need some ideas and help to decide which posters & frames I should decorate the wall with.

I don’t have a single poster in the wall yet so I toke a look on and found some inspiration, there are endless choices and something for all styles and tastes! They have really beautiful posters that I liked but I can´t decide how I should put them together and also which ones I should buy.

Here is were you guys come in, I really need your help to decide the colors of the posters that fits in with my walk in closet and how many I should buy, what do you think? I´m really into buy some posters with nature and beautiful places, maybe quotes aswell but I also really like the pink ones with flowers and the ice cream. Should I buy the same size of the frames or should I have different sizes? And how many should I buy 3, 4, 5 or 6?

Please comment below which of these pictures are your favorite ones and which and how many should I buy, help me decide. 🙂

I really love this marble wallpaper, maybe it would fit in my walk in closet what do you think?

Pixers also have decor for your windows, doors, refrigerators, laptops and much more!


If you order from them you have 365 days return policy and free shipping, in addition to only eco-friendly materials.

Best of all, they exist in a lot of countries (Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia) and they send worldwide!

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